Frujuicexport  (FJE®) is a company engaged in trading, fruit packaging and in the production of concentrated juice. FJE® has been established in this field since 2012 and has already won the satisfaction of its customers.

Specifically, the company produces the following products:

  1. Concentrated juice (orange, lemon, mandarin)
  2. Essences
  3. Fruit pulp
  4. Peels for dessert (orange, lemon)

which are offered  in Greece, but also abroad, having a special impact on the following countries:

– Switzerland                 – Poland

– Italy                               – Romania

– Hungary                       – Serbia

– Kosovo                          – Germany

With its specialized staff and all the modern equipment used, it ensures high quality of all the above mentioned products.

Company FJE® is located in Skafidaki, Argolida. The Argolic plain is the largest orange grove in Greece.

Here, in this naturally endowed place, FJE® has selected producers-suppliers.

The tree is the beginning of the ”journey”. All fruits (oranges, lemons and mandarins) are selectively collected one by one. At each stage, from harvesting, transport to the juicer and sorting, to final juicing, continuous controls are applied with the strictest quality assurance criteria.

Quality controls are continued during processing, pasteurization and selection to preserve, as much as possible, all the valuable ingredients, such as the vitamins and fragrances.

The entire operation of the factory is fully harmonized with the International standards regarding the receipt – production and storage of our products and implements a Quality Management System according to the International standard ISO 9001: 2008 and HACCP.


The company provides:

  • Storage areas for receiving all the raw material (oranges-lemons-mandarins) with a capacity of 150 tons made with suitable materials for the smooth storage and supply of the product to the processing stage.
  • Storage cold rooms with a capacity of 300 tons. The product is stored in freezing conditions at -18 ° C. The temperature is controlled and recorded in real time 24 hours a day.

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